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Life After Mastectomy

When considering a prosthesis, it is recommended you wait 6 to 8 weeks after your surgery. Your physician will usually advise you when he or she feels you are ready for a fitting. Once your physician feels you are physically ready, call us at 416-242-3374 for an appointment with one of our certified professional fitting specialists.

We offer a comfortable environment for the appropriate selection of your breast prostheses and bras. Our knowledgeable certified fitters have extensive experience with a wide range of products. Our goal is to achieve the closest fit for each individual woman keeping in mind individual breast shape, size, contour, and specific needs. We inventory all major brands to ensure the right fit for you.

We carry:

  • Breast forms
  • Partial breast forms after lumpectomy or reconstruction
  • Temporary breast forms
  • Swimforms
  • Lymphadema compression garments