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Adapting After Ostomy Surgery

Most people have little to no understanding of what an ostomy is until they or a person close to them is confronted with ostomy surgery. You are not alone, but YOU are the most important one when this is happening to you or your loved one.

Linda Thomas has been in private Enterostomal Therapy (E. T.) practice for forty years and during that time estimates that 4,000 patients and their families have benefited from her practice, guided by her expertise and training in the field. Linda listens to your questions and your concerns.

The initial impact of ostomy surgery can be overwhelming as you question the effect this may or may not have on your day-to-day life, job, social interactions and relationships with others. As you travel along the path of physical and emotional events, specific reality checks occur:

• This can’t be happening to me.
• This did happen to me.
• This has happened to me.
• Finally this happened to me, I am now recovered.
• I have adapted to my new physical life.
• I see myself as the same person I have always been.

Confidence After Ostomy Surgery
Life tends to give us our own depth of experiences to draw from, thus shaping our ability to adapt to new situations. Confidence takes time, usually as one's physical strength increases, and the level of difficulty in the task decreases. Your physical and emotional journey goes hand in hand, the proper pouching system is essential in order to progress.

Your pouching system must offer you security, odour control, comfort, and affordability for you to have peace of mind. Not all products work the same for everyone. In the beginning, you relied on the products supplied to you by the hospital and possibly the Community Care Access Centre (visiting nurse), they may suit your needs, or there may be something better for you to use.

Visit our store to explore the variety of ostomy products available. Thomas Specialty Health Care funds a FREE weekly E. T. clinic, call for an appointment to address your management questions and concerns. Contact us today 416-242-3374.